How to Find A Good Dealership To Buy Your Boat From

21 Jul 23

While you’re busy comparing the different Quintrex boat models that you want to purchase, don’t forget that the dealer you decide to buy your boat from will have a huge impact on your boat-buying experience. Depending on your location, there might be only one dealer who has an available stock of the model of boat you really want. However, if you’re based in Townsville, you might be aware that there are quite a few boat dealerships around. Having many options on which dealership may confuse you should do your business with. However, the quality service of the dealership and its staff may well sway your decision.

Here are some signs to look for to help you identify dealers who can give you the best assistance so when you buy a Quintrex boat  for your boating activities, you know you’ll get the best boat-buying experience (and even get a discount and obtain additional perks):

  • Look around the store. Notice all the staff working there. Do they seem happy? Do they look like they are genuinely pleased to assist you and are attentive and engaging in conversing with you? This might not seem much at first, but this is an important factor to consider if you want to work with a dealership. It’s beneficial for you to work with amiable people and a boat dealership is one business that you’ll likely develop an ongoing relationship with. You don’t want to work with someone disagreeable. So, try to interact with their staff first just to test out the vibes between you and them. If your gut feeling tells you they are cool, then you might consider buying your dream boat from their shop. 
  • Search the dealership on the internet. You will likely find reviews of the dealerships left by previous customers. If the positive reports far outweigh the critical posts, it’s likely a good reflection of their overall customer service.
  • If you can, try to talk with their existing customers and ask around local boaters about dealerships who give the best service to their customers. If you know friends, family members, neighbours, or coworkers who’ve worked with dealerships before, ask them about their experiences.
  • Try calling or sending an email to the dealership. Is their staff prompt in returning them? A salesperson’s willingness to work with you by phone or email is a great timesaver and a positive sign for you to engage business with them. Make sure to ask for an email or text confirmation of any agreements or anything worked out through these mediums before you go ahead and talk with the staff face to face.
  • Find out more about the dealer’s accomplishments in the years they’ve been in business. Has the dealership been certified or received any industry awards or local community accolades? Is the dealership certified to run a business relating to the marine industry? Are they involved with community activities as well? If the dealership has these qualities, it is a good sign that they have top-quality customer care.
  • Walk around their yard or showroom. Is it clean and organized? That is usually a quality of a well-run organisation that genuinely takes good care of its customers and their boats.
  • Talk to the service manager and the staff in the maintenance department. Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding marine servicing. If they are willing to show you and guide you about these matters, this is a good sign that they are taking their jobs seriously and are open to letting you know how boat maintenance is done. Find out if their service department holds manufacturer certifications. Many engine manufacturers offer certification programs designed to keep dealer-based mechanics up to date on the latest technology. For example, Mercury and Yamaha motor boat engine manufacturers give training programs for new technicians to be certified in servicing Mercury and Yamaha outboard motors.
  •  Is the dealership conveniently located near where your boat will live? Choosing a dealer far from the location where you plan to keep your boat is a huge disadvantage. Make sure to find dealerships that are near your area. If there are none, find dealerships that are easily accessible. It is a good sign if they are located at the side of a road often passed by motorists and not some random remote area.

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